Savoir-Faire - Terroir

Geographical Situation : LA MARNE (51)

The Charbaux Frère’s House is situated in Congy, a small village in the Marne about 30 kms south of Epernay.

Our farm has a total of 10 hactares 40 of vines situated in 6 different villages with different soil types: - Sézanne - Broyes - Allemant - Oyes - Villevenard – Congy.

We cultivate mainly the Chardonnay grape variety (50% of our vines) in the villages around Sézanne where the soil is lime-chalky. The hillsides are ideally exposed for the growth of the grapes.

In the other villages, nearer to Congy, we grow the Pinot noir (25%) and Pinot Meunier (25%) grape varieties where the soils are better adapted to these grape varieties.