Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Sale for FRANCE only

For all orders of minimum 24 bottles or equivalent, 2 bottles are offered free.
Minimum order of 6 bottles or equivalent of 450cl.
Prices are ex-works
Transport charges: 16.9€ for 6 bottles or equivalent, 2.50€ per bottle from 7 to 18 bottles or equivalent, 2.00e per bottle for other quantities.

Retention of Title : The goods delivered remain the property of the sender until full payment by the buyer who will not use the goods for re-sale until full payment has been made.

Goods Availabilty : Goods offered for sale as well as gifts offered are only valid in the limit of available stocks.

Payment : Payment should be made on the date indicated on the invoice nett with no discount in accordance with the law no. 2012-387 of 28th March 2012. As from 1st January 2013 all debtors paying an invoice after the stated date has to pay the creditor a fixed compensation fee for recovery charges, the non- payment on stated date requires immediate payment of all amounts due, interest and financial costs as well as legal costs and compensation equal to 15% of the amounts due.

Delivery and carriage of goods : risks and transport costs : The house declines all responsability for breakages and/or frost. We advise you to check the number and contents of cartons on delivery, even if they appear to be in order. In case of a delivery anomaly it is up to the receiver to indicate all claims to the transporter who can only be held responsible if the delivery note indicates all claims. No guarantee due to frost or bad storage.

Juridiction in case of claims: In case of claims the only competent court is the Commercial Court in Epernay.

Provision for late delivery independant of the seller : Bad weather such as snow, violent storms, transport strikes or non- confirmation of an order are considered as being late deliveries outwith the responsabilty of the seller and cannot be made his responsibility.